Kodak DSU: How to replace internal battery?

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I raised the question about formatting at the local computer club today. Everyone who spoke up agreed that the drive has to have some file table although no one had any specific knowledge of this camera/storage unit. It was mentioned that Linux would most likely be the best OS to read any drive no matter how formatted.

You can boot Linux from a CD so, don't need to do an install. I've used Mepis which can be downloaded for free as an ISO which when written to a CD results in a bootable CD. Ubuntu can be ordered by mail for no charge from West Virgina, in the USA. If you order they send you 10 sets of CD's for free, No Postage. I've used both. You may have trouble with one or the other because of incompatibily with a specific PC depending on what drivers are required and or available.

As I stated earlier while your booting you should be able to watch your SCSI cards bios scan your SCSI string looking for devices. It should detect the existence of the drive in the POST prior to the actual boot process.

Good luck!

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