No More Kodak Digital SLR!

Discuss older Nikon-based Kodak digital SLRs, including DCS 100, DCS 200, NC2000, DCS 400/600/700-series, etc. Ask questions, post general comments, anecdotes, reviews and user tips.
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No More Kodak Digital SLR!

Post by NIKON KIU » Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:52 am

Yes folks, there will be no more Kodak Digital SLR, NEVER!

This is definitely has become a VINTAGE forum!

I think soon there will be no more KODAK!


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Re: No More Kodak Digital SLR!

Post by DENNO » Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:21 am

Yes it is sad and has been sad seeing such a milestone company going down the drain. They have always been at the right spot at the right time but their management too often shyed away from digital imaging solutions because they feared a drop in film sales. With a better (and daring) management, Kodak may still be in business today.

1975 - digital camera prototype
1986 - first 1 Megapixel sensor
1986-1988 - complete still video concept with a full range of cameras and peripheral devices (some sold, some prototypes)
1988-1990 - several major inventions in DSLR technology as well as the first DSLR cameras
1992-1995 - successfully produced highly professional DSLR cameras for journalists and reporters, being almost the only company having DSLRs out there

But FILMLESS has always been a baaaad word within the Kodak company walls :?

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