Another QV-1000C kit discovered!

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Another QV-1000C kit discovered!

Post by Webmaster » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:46 am

Another rare QV-1000C kit is now owned by the Dutch photo dealer Foto Henny Hoogeveen. The kit was bought from a former Nikon manager in the Netherlands. It's not for sale and will be displayed as part of a Nikon collection in the store. This makes it one of only 13 or 14 known QV-1000C cameras in the World.

Serial numbers:

Body QV-1000C - 200106
11-120mm/2.0 - 200105
10-40mm/1.4 - 200105 (first time I've seen identical serial numbers..)
Nikon F-mount Adapter QM-100 -200031
Battery Charger QS-100 - 200152
Still Video Transmitter QV1010 T - 200107

Photos: ... _video_set

For more information on this rare camera, see the ultimate QV-1000C article at


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Re: Another QV-1000C kit discovered!

Post by NIKON KIU » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:28 pm

I dream of discovering one myself one day. But for now, we are happy with your discoveries.

Thanks for sharing.

Very neat that the lenses have the same number and only one digit off the body number.

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