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Copyright Nikon Corporation

Post by nikonnl »

Hi out there!

I digged up my old Nikon D1 and Nikon D1H and made some shots. While looking to the NEF images, made with the D1 in Nikon View NX2 I saw in the Metadata - File info 2 four lines of text: date shot / time zone and date / image quality / copyright: copyright Nikon Corporation 1999. The latter was not shown along Jpeg images. Neither did I see that line when images made with the D1H - in NEF and jpeg - were shown. I've never seen this copyright info on any other Nikon camera.

Did you?

My Nikon D1 may be a prototype given its serial number (5000009). I cannot alter any info in these metadata file, so it must be inserted at the factory, or?

Any comments and experiences are welcome.


D1/D1X/D1H/D2H/D2X etc.
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Re: Copyright Nikon Corporation

Post by gsandberg »

My D1 is something like 13.500 and has the same copyright 1999 line in NEF files.
Visible both in ViewNX/2 and Kuso-exif-viewer.
Note that the next line (in VNX2) is a line called Image Comment (sometimes called the user copyright notice).
Regards, Gilbert
PS I checked some .jpg files (being certain they are direct jpg shots) : no 1999 line.
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