The Photokina files (early still video/digicam brochures)

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The Photokina files (early still video/digicam brochures)

Post by Webmaster » Fri May 27, 2011 12:04 pm

Mr. Tor Weatherstone has kindly sent me a collection of original still video/early digital camera brochures and press releases. I may scan and share some of these as time permits, but for now I'll just publish a list. Let me know if you're interested in any of these cameras in particular, and I'll see what I can do. In random order:

Konica Studio Still Video System KS-2000 (Operating instructions, undated 12 page brochure)

Fujix DS-1P "The world's first digital still camera" prototype, 2 page product sheet, dated 1989

Fujix ES-20 Still Video Camera, 2 page product sheet and photographic product photos, dated 1989

Fuji photo Photokina news 1988: New still video products from Fuji Film to be introduced at Photokina Exhibition. 8 pages, incl. info on Fujix ES-20, P7A and the following prototypes: VP-5000II, FV-X (high res CCD camera with World's first 800,000 pixel CCD images), R5000H and P7H.

Fuji photo Photokina news 1988: The future of still video - Fuji's card camera DS-1P (prototype). 2 pages and photographic product photos

Photokina News 1990: Fujifilm introduces three new digital imaging systems at Photokina '90 (incl. Digital Still Camera System DS-H1)

Konica KC-300 Still Video camera and system, glossy 10 page brochure. Undated (1988?)

Olympus Still Video System (V-100, V-200 and V-300). 4 page brochure and sample photo. Undated (1987?)

Panasonic AG-ES10 still image camera and AG-ES100 still image player. 8 page brochure and sample photo. Undated (1988?)

Panasonic AG-ES10 two page product sheet, undated

Panasonic AG-ES100 video floppy player, two page product sheet, undated.

Toshiba Digital still camera system (MC200). Two page product sheet. Undated.

Olympus still video system VC-100/VA-200/SR-300. 4 page brochure, dated 1990.

Sony ProMavica Still Image System, incl. MVC-A7AF. Small brochure dated 12/88.

Sony Promavica press release (MVC-A7AF "Makes PMA debut") dated Feb 1989, incl two product photos.

Sony MVC-C1/MAP-T1 4 page brochure dated 1/89

Kodak "A guide to Kodak digital cameras", 4 pages, dated Sept 2000

Canon original RC-250 press release, dated Feb 12 (no year - 1988?)

Canon still video RC-470 and RV-301, color brochure dated 1988

Minolta press release: Still video back SB-70S, SB-90S, two product photos, dated Feb 3, 1988

Minolta press release: Minolta introduces still video system for Maxxum 7000 and 9000 AF cameras, Feb 3, 1988

Canon Xapshot, two page product sheet, dated 1989

Pentax Still video camera EI-C70 brochure and product photo, dated 1990

Yashica V-70 SLR (?) still video cameras press release, undated

Olympus V-100 still video camera (and other parts) press release and product photos, dated 0189

Olympus VC-102 still video camera (and other parts) brochure from PMA 90

Chinon VMC-1 still video camera press release and product photo, Photokina 1990

There are also a few later brochures (Kodak Easyshare, Sony, Fujifilm Finepix cameras, which are not listed here).


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Re: The Photokina files (early still video/digicam brochures

Post by caffel » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:03 am

I have a Minolta SB-70s and would greatly like a copy of the brochure. I'm working on getting it running and need all of the documentation I can get. Tx, Charlie Affel

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