The poor Man’s Still-Video-Camera

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The poor Man’s Still-Video-Camera

Post by NikonD1X » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:20 am

Nikon QV 1000 and the Canon-Pendants RC-701, RC-760 will stay dreams. So why don’t having a look to the interesting and more affordable Canon ION-Line RC-470, RC-250/251 (Q-PIC), RC-360/260 and RC-570/560?

Let’s start with the Canon ION RC-260 (RC-360 US NTSC-Version)


Enjoy and please try/use Google Translate: ... c-260.html

To be followed by the Bauer S10 Still-Video-Camera, the "German" ION RC-260 clone


Enjoy and please try/use Google Translate: ... amera.html


To be continued with the RC-250/251 and RC-560

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