IPTC Preset Editor

A free, portable Windows and Mac program for editing Nikon IPTC preset files (.NMS).

Unfortunately, Nikon's own IPTC Preset Manager requires Microsoft Silverlight, which may be a deal breaker for many users, due to IT policy restrictions, etc.

This small, stand-alone program for Windows and Mac OS X consists of a single executable file, and does not require any admin rights or other special privileges. You can run it from a USB stick or even your memory card. It will not alter your system in any way. Files created with this program are identical to those created by Nikon's own IPTC Preset Manager (ver 1.0).

Program does not include a setup routine. Just double-click on IptcEditor.exe (Windows) or IptcEdit.app (Mac) to run.


IPTC Preset Editor 1.0 (357 KB zip file)


IPTC Preset Editor 1.0 (1.3 MB zip file)

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