JPEG Cleaner ver 0.9

Delete unwanted JPEG files with matching RAW

Some digital cameras can simultaneously capture both JPEG + RAW files. This will result in two separate files for each photo you take: one JPEG file and one RAW file.

This program will find and delete the unnecessary JPEG files to save disk space. The corresponding RAW files are NOT affected.

The program is very easy to use. Simply select a folder containing your image files, enable the "Include subfolders" option as needed, select a RAW file extension and click on the Scan button. This will create a list of all the JPEG files with a twin RAW file in the same folder. You can then click on the Clean button to delete all the unwanted JPEG files.

The program will only search for files with a .jpg file extension (which may or may not be hidden depending on your system settings). It will only list JPEG files if a matching RAW file with an identical file name is found in the same folder.

Again: Only JPEG files with a matching RAW file will be listed for removal. Your RAW image files are never touched by this program.

This is free, unsupported software provided as-is. Use at your own risk.

Program does not include a setup routine. Just double-click on to run.


JPEG Cleaner 0.9 (1.5 MB zip file)

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