My last catch – a Kodak DCS Pro14n(x)

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My last catch – a Kodak DCS Pro14n(x)

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My DCS ProSLRc found his first brother!



OK the DCS Pro14n(x) body shows some „mouse-grub“ and the sensor is diseased (*). Anyway, I will have a walk with Kodak’s first 4.500 x 3.000 Pixel FullFrame SLR in 2019. As I understood the (x) "x" it means a reconditioned body with memory extension from 256 MB to 512 MB RAM.

(*) The Sensor has seen his best days. Watch the lines and "snowflakes":


My DCS ProSLR/c and the newer DCS ProSLR/n produce better results in ISO 800. But I was curious ;-)

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Re: My last catch – a Kodak DCS Pro14n(x)

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The x also means they installed the new, improved, sensor for the SLR/n. The whole thing was quite a mess at the time. Kodak might have been better off to stick with their own APS-H sensor, which was up to 10MP by then. IIRC, only Leica used it.

I wonder just what goes on in the sensor over time to cause the issues you are seeing.

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