1998 movie featuring Nikon E-series camera

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1998 movie featuring Nikon E-series camera

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In the 1998 movie Stepmom, Julia Roberts plays a successful photographer. In one scene, she starts shooting with a medium format film camera (a Bronica, I think), when she asks her assistant for a digital camera. And here it is (Norwegian subtitles and all) - a Nikon/Fujifilm E-series camera:


"Screen grab" captured with my iPhone

Link to the movie at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120686/

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Re: 1998 movie featuring Nikon E-series camera

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That movie was what started me down the DSLR road. I thought it would be neat to stop using my various F- series film bodies - and the local 1-hour photo processing place. I could use my Nikkor lenses and go digital and process on a computer instead.

Until I saw that camera in that movie, I didn't know that Nikon was making a DSLR yet. I knew about the Kodak offerings, of course, but those were priced way over my head. Well, so was the Nikon E-series, but once the D1 came out the E-series prices plummeted and I could get myself one. ;)


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