Nikon D200 released

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Nikon D200 released

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Hello to all,
A co-worker of mine has a D70 for the last year and a half, as a result he he is not using his F100 anymore, Upon the news of the D200 he went in and put in his order with Ritz camera ( locally here in the greater Washington, DC area.
He got a call in today that his camera arrived( although the new 18-200 VR he ordered is still not here!), called me from the store all excited telling me about it, I told him to stop by so I could see it in person.
Impressive looking camera, Big LCD screen, nice clean layout,small battery, as robust as the F100 or even more so... but here is some negatives(at a first glance).
1) The batteries are exclusive, although similar in size and shape to D70, they are not interchangeable, Nikon claims they did this to prevent third party batteries over-heating the camera! So my friends batteries from his D70 are no good in his D200!!
2) I saw that STRANGE " Made in Thailand" writing on the base :? Almost made my heart stop pounding. I thought Nikon made the cheapies(such as my N75) over there, no wonder they managed to keep it at under $1700.00.
3) The owners manual is the size of a pocket Dictionary :cry:

But for the good part, camera comes with a strap and a free LCD clear cover and my friend got his grand kid a four Mega Pixel coolpix 4800 for $175.00 :twisted:

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Re: Off topic: Nikon D200 released

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I'm sure the D200 is a great camera. I've played with it and it feels very nice, even compared to the D2X. Fast AF, nice viewfinder, robust feel, etc.

I guess the old D100 is now officially part of my vintage DSLR collection :)

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