1540mm extreme telephoto lens (link to article)

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1540mm extreme telephoto lens (link to article)

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You think your 300mm lens is long enough? Think again. For extreme shots, you need extreme equipment. How about a 1540mm lens?


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Extreme Telephoto- 2400mm f/13.5

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Very informative piece... similar in concept to the Questar 3.5in telescope which is also availalbe in a T-mount for the very purpose (long range photography/ surveillance.

My personal choice is the Questar 7-inch Long-Range Surveillance Telescopic Lense (the SZ-180), at 2400mm f/13.5 - for use with either a still camera or video- see the website at:

http://www.company7.com/questar/surveil ... sz180.html

At these ranges and sizes, you're really just buying a telescope that just happens to have a camera attachment.
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