Canon RC-701 sold for $510

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Canon RC-701 sold for $510

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A RC-701 was recently sold on eBay for $510 to a forum member. 6 bids from 4 different bidders.

Auction included camera body, 11-66mm lens, charger + 3 batteries, RP-601 Color Video Printer, etc.


"I have owned this system for many years, and it has mostly sat unused, so cosmetically things look good. However, there are some issues. The main issue is that the camera doesn't work. It turns on, but the viewfinder displays an error message. (The disk drive mechanism does work.) This happened when the camera sat for about 3 years. Then when I took it out to test it, this error message is what I got. I really suspect that there is just a bad contact internally, since it happened while it was unused for several years."


"There is only one cosmetic issue with the camera, the right rear corner of the outer rubber surface is missing. (See picture below.) This fell off when I took the camera to a race track to shoot some vintage sports cars, and I never noticed it had come off until several days later. I have had one battery recelled at Batteries Plus, and it is good. The same can be done to the others which currently do not hold a charge - it is not expensive. I only made a few prints with the printer in the past, and it worked, but its consumables may be too old to make good prints. Recorder/player was fine. I only used this system a few times, but I have kept it because of its historical significance. The things that are not working are the result of too little use and can be fixed, probably with just an internal cleaning of electrical contacts."

eBay item 250293962072.

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