Olympus C-1400XL/D-620L cameras

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Olympus C-1400XL/D-620L cameras

Post by babya »

Late last year, I was at a thrift store and saw a Olympus C-1400XL/D-620L and got it for $20-with acessories like manuals,software CD and even some SmartMedia cards.

It's a SLR style digital camera that resembles the old Olympus IS- series.

Olympus often referred to these as ZLR (zoom lens reflex) cameras.

Came out in 1997 and has a LCD on the rear (interestingly only used for reviewing captured photos and menus)-the optical through-the-lens type viewfinder is used for composition and a 3x zoom lens (36-110mm) lens never extends out of the body-zooming is internal.

A quick focus system (basically a set of buttons on the rear) allow for shooting at several preset focus distances.

It has a 2/3" CCD and PC sync socket (and SLR like pop-up flash), plus manual WB (set using the Kelvin scale),macro and spot metering.

Takes SmartMedia cards (which I have several that came with it).

What is also quite interesting that photos from it do not contain EXIF information.
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Re: Olympus C-1400XL/D-620L cameras

Post by NikonWeb »

I played with one of these (a C-1400, I believe) when it was brand new. I remember being impressed by the image quality (an "inexpensive" digital camera which could actually produce usable photos for newsprint).

From a contemporary review: "The most camera-like digital camera yet, with a host of high-end features, superb image quality and a hefty price tag to match". Source: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/peripher ... s-c-1400-l

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