Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business

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Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business

Post by NikonWeb »

Kodak has sold its Image Sensor Solutions business to Platinum Equity in a bid to strengthen its financial position. Image Sensor Solutions provides sensors for the Leica M9 and S2 and a number of medium format backs, as well as a wide range of specialist imaging applications.


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Re: Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business

Post by nikonnl »

It is a pitty to sell that part to some risk investment guys, they'll fleece the company and sell it. And what about Olympus? Committing fraud = over and out! Has the world become that greedy?

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Re: Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business

Post by Ashley_Pomeroy »

Platinum Equity specialise in the "merger, acquisition and operation of companies", which I mentally parse as "murder, execution, and evisceration". I see they have a company called Pomeroy! And US Robotics, who still exist and are still making modems.

Bit of a shame for Kodak. The press release also mentions that they're selling off a lot of patents, which makes me wonder what they'll have left in a few years. A pile of cash to pay off the pension fund and warehouses full of disposable film cameras. Perhaps they still make a lot of money from selling film to Hollywood. I picture the men at Fujifilm chuckling to themselves, but also feeling a bit worried, just in case they're sitting on a fraudulent minefield too. I'd never really mentally associated camera companies with that sort of thing, they always seemed "clean" to me. Don't know why.

I've just noticed that the "applications - photographic" section of their website has a photo of a Canon lens:
http://www.kodak.com/ek/US/en/Image_Sen ... ations.htm

I always wondered what market Kodak's sensor business wanted to target. They seemed to specialise in really obscure high-end stuff (the website has a "if you have to ask, you don't belong here" vibe) although at the same time the early Four-Thirds cameras had Kodak sensors - but the digital SLR sensor market now seems to be sewn up by Sony and Panasonic and Canon itself. With Dalsa taking a chunk of the medium format business. Presumably Dalsa are small enough to survive on the money they make from the medium format stuff, whereas Kodak is too big.

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