New mirrorless Canon EOS M camera system

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New mirrorless Canon EOS M camera system

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Looks interesting, with a large APS-C sensor, but no viewfinder!?? Very disappointing and definitely a deal breaker for me (not that I need another camera..). ... on-preview

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Re: New mirrorless Canon EOS M camera system

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Looks like this place is asleep during the hot days of summer. I'll toss something out there and see if anyone wakes up. ;)

It's a new era. Merge the video camera with the D-SLR. Make it a VD-SLR, as it were! :shock:

When I pull out my Kodak 760c, I get shocked reactions to it's mirror slap: 'what is that noise?'

I do still prefer the old Nikon F5D, as I call it these days since Kodak is falling apart. I really do use the interchangeable viewfinder. And several different focusing screens. It's so easy to configure the F5. That sort of thing is lost now.

The 760c has the Kodachrome look, so I always get complements on the colors in my prints. Yes. I still print, old coot that I am. I wanted to keep the darkroom methodology, but get out in the light, when I went to digital way back when (1999). So, that's the 760c and companion 560c, aka the Canon D-EOS1 or D6000 in Canon's parlance.

I still want a Leica R9 with DMR and the last of that line of the Kodak imagers to make it into a DSLR. But, that is another, long, story....

The 720x is becoming way, way, way outclassed. I keep it because it shares so much with the other two. It is still an F5D, but the 2 MP is getting to be very, very small. The CYM CFA still makes for odd looking images no matter what one uses to process them. It's pretty slow with the frame rate, and it's just so dated with the ISO vs. noise.

Perhaps a newer unit with higher, cleaner ISO is needed and it is time to stick the 720x onto the Shelves of Obsolete Electronics.

In the motorsports use, for which I used the 720x and earlier 620x so successfully with, would like to see a DSLR without a mirror. But, no viewfinder? I can't see shooting racing cars with an LCD screen holding the thing out in front of me. Perhaps if they stuck it into a viewfinder so I could point, and shoot, and get exactly what I see through the lens. That would be OK.

Gotta use my stash of lenses, though. Could be either Nikon or Canon as far as that goes.


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