Looks Like The Forum Might Be Dying

Discuss non-DSLR models (e.g. Coolpix cameras), other camera brands, your latest cool photography gadget, computer stuff and other photography related issues that don't fit in the Vintage Kodak and Nikon DSLR forums.
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Looks Like The Forum Might Be Dying

Post by ronvol »

Seems like this forum is slowly dying, which is a shame.

There's a fair bit of camera & lens related activity happening on facebook with several groups that have been created specifically catered to the old Nikons & Nikkors.
So I thought I might start a new group and call it the Digital Camera Historical Society.

I find the facebook groups to be a very convenient way to keep in touch with others.
Uploading images is sooooooooooo easy and all members are instantly notified of any new posts.
So if you're already on facebook, come join the group and hopefully we can ignite some new interest in this fascinating topic.

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