Minolta RD-3000 ?

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Minolta RD-3000 ?

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Every so often I'll see a reference to the Minolta RD-175 (Minolta's first digital SLR, based on a Maxxum/Alpha body), but you hardly ever seem to hear about the RD-3000. The RD-3000 was based on an APS-format Minolta Vectis SLR body, and uses a split mirror/prism optical system similar to that of the RD-175 to get higher resolution from lower-res CCD chips. The RD-3000 appears fairly uncommon, which makes sense since it hit the market at about the same time as the far superior (and not really that much more expensive) Nikon D1. I'm sure once Fuji released the Finepix S1 Pro a few months later (less heavy-duty than the Nikon D1, but still a good DSLR for its time and less expensive than the D1), there would have been no reason at all to buy the Minolta RD-3000, unless for some reason you already had a boatload of V-mount lenses (which aren't usable on any of the regular Maxxum/Alpha camera bodies) to use with the camera.

A Google search reveals a few old reviews for the RD-3000, but not a lot of contextual info. Anyone have any stories about using/selling/attempting to sell the Minolta RD-3000? Any idea how many were made?
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Re: Minolta RD-3000 ?

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I know nothing about this camera, but Minolta's timing was terrible. The camera was announced on Sept 22, 1999, a few months after the revolutionary Nikon D1. Not a big seller, I'm sure.


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