Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Sun

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Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Sun

Post by NikonWeb »

Unless you've tried your skills as an astrophotographer, this may not seem like a big deal - but believe me - it is!

French astrophotographer Thierry Legault wanted to image the Hubble Space Telescope and space shuttle Atlantis traveling together around Earth. To catch the rare meeting of spaceships, he travelled all the way to Florida and set up his telescope.

His photo was taken with a Takahashi TOA-130 refractor (diameter 130mm, final focal 2200mm), Baader solar prism and Canon 5D mark II. Exposure of 1/8000s at 100 ISO, extracted from a series of 16 images (4 images/s) started 2s before the predicted time.

See the photo at his own site:

Another source: ... &year=2009


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Re: Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Sun

Post by nikonnl »

Amazing!! and my congratulations!! How on earth (sic!) was he able to take this pic without vibration etc.? This is high class photography!
Thanks for sharing this info with us.
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Re: Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Sun

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Same photographer also took picture of International Space Station and Shuttle Atlantis in 2006 using same method:
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