Memories of the Nikon QV 1000

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Memories of the Nikon QV 1000

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No, I don't own an exemplar :-(

But cleaning up the basement, I found that really old and suffered thermoprint, souvenir from the Photokina 1988. I was allowed that one shot, using the Nikon QV 1000 photographing the Nikon-Girl with another QV 1000. After that I got the thermoprint as present. Enjoy ;-)


If you like, you can find a reproduction of the Nikon QV 1000 brochure (PDF) here: ... o.pdf?dl=0

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Re: Memories of the Nikon QV 1000

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I always liked the size of that setup, and the two zoom lens scheme.

I admit to having not paid attention to all the smaller DSLRs, and no attention at all to the ZLRs. Did anyone wind up making a modern digital that would be fairly close to what the QV was? Even by accident? There have been *so* many models made at this point. Maybe something came close....

Me, I still use a Kodak 760c with antiquated Nikkor lenses. That shows everyone just how much attention I have not been paying! :P

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