Kodak DCS 460 SCSI Port Disassembly

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Re: Kodak DCS 460 SCSI Port Disassembly

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The color wheel was controlled by the camera through the 7 pin connector that's also used for the power connection. I only know that from reading documentation, though... and I can't find the pinout documentation I saw previously that included color wheel drive pin details for that connector. Digital Camera Museum says the color wheel attached to the SCSI port, but I don't think that's correct.

From the B&H mention of the DCS 465m, it sounds like the color wheel would allow you to take a three photo series somewhat automatically (on a tripod and with a still subject, I'm sure) that could be processed (in the TWAIN driver?) into a color JPG.

I think Stan used a color wheel DCS at one time... Stan?
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Re: Kodak DCS 460 SCSI Port Disassembly

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Well, I had a 460m and it came with a color wheel. But, I never used the wheel. I just used it as a mono camera. So, I really don't know how it worked. And, of course, it is long gone now.

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